Ford Diesel Truck – Know How

Quality Automotive is fully equipped to work on your Ford Powerstroke diesel trucks. We have factory-trained diesel truck technicians using the latest Ford diagnostic tools. We are able to accurately diagnose your truck the first time, using the latest IDS laptop software, typically only available through Ford dealerships. We also act as a third party witness in the evaluation of Lemon Law Ford truck buy backs. No one can give you a more qualified opinion for the service of your Ford diesel truck than Quality Automotive.

We also offer PCM (Powertrain Control Module) reprogramming and reconfiguring. If you are a fleet customer running Ford Powerstrokes, we stock a large assortment of parts for quick one-day in and out repairs to get your trucks back on the road. We also take in Powerstrokes from other shops that choose to sublet diagnosis and repairs to Quality Automotive. Please call with any questions regarding your Powerstroke.